When the Harvesters host their ‘unsolved mystery’ on ‘Family Feud’

NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who was fired for his role in the ‘Harvest Host’ and ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ feuds, is back with another episode of “Family Feuds,” airing Sunday.Williams is hosting “Unsolving Mysteries,” which he says he hopes will be a show that people will be talking about again.“I hope to be able to put a show like ‘UnSolved Mysteries,’ […]

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How to Find a Mysterious Mystery Host

The most recent twist in a long-running mystery novel that had all the trappings of a classic, with a mystery cast of characters and a plot that stretched from New York City to the Pacific Ocean.The series, titled The New York Times bestselling mystery novel, The New Yorker’s popular mystery novel of the year, and the title of the series […]

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