‘We’ll have the best of both worlds’: What it takes to be a podcast host, with James Corden and Ben Swinburne from WMI provider host

It’s an unusual role, but one that’s been offered by some of the most famous podcast hosts in the world.The podcasting industry has seen a lot of growth in recent years, with the number of podcast episodes reaching 1.6bn.But while the number is expected to grow further, many people are worried about how podcasts will be used in the future.While […]

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What to know about the ‘Sunrise’ news

The “Sunrise” news programme, broadcast on Australian TV, is the biggest loser of all the Australian broadcasters’ new sports programming.The program was created in response to the Sun’s decision to pull out of the World Cup.As a result, Australian audiences will not be seeing any Australian sports, including tennis, basketball, golf and rugby league, on their television screens.A “Sunset” show, […]

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Bachelor host,starring Bachelorette’s Amber Portwood,to return as host of The Ultimate Fighter series

In June, a tweet from a female Bachelorettes’ fan account was reported as saying, “Bachelor host Amber Porton Stewart is going to be returning to The Ultimate Fighting Championship.It was not a tease, it was a real statement of intent.”It wasn’t until this past Saturday that The Ultimate Fighters was revealed to be headed to television, with a preview episode […]

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