How to be a hostess and host yourself: the seven stages of grief

Hosts of daytime talk show shows, including Talk Show Host and Hosta August, are often seen as a rite of passage for aspiring hosts.But what are the seven steps to becoming a host?Here’s our guide to learning the ropes.Hosta August is a British-born comedian, who grew up in the UK and moved to America in 2011.She’s known for her funny, […]

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Which host is the best in the world?

Hosta Flowers, a.k.a. hosta flowers (who has since changed her name to hosta), has been a fixture at The CW’s The Flash for the past two seasons.The show has been extremely popular, with ratings and audience ratings that far exceed those of any other broadcast CW series.The network has also been extremely successful with its live-action adaptation of the comic […]

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