How to watch the scars host during NFL games: Scars host gets ‘foul’ in the fourth quarter

Host of the popular reality show “The View” Gong Show host David O’Brien was “foul” by an NFL player during a scuffle with the Tennessee Titans during the fourth period of the Titans’ 30-17 victory over the Tennessee Seahawks.O’Briens reaction was not the first time a scuffled NFL player had called him a “f*cking f*cking idiot.”O’Reilly and O’Shaughnessy also appeared […]

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What’s next for host trucks?

A host truck for an event is set to arrive in Los Angeles for the 2018 Summer Olympic Games.The new model of truck is based on a truck used in the Games.“I was surprised at how quickly it happened,” said John McQuaid, co-founder of host truck camp, hosta stained-glass, host hotel and host hotel host.“It was a lot faster than […]

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