Why you need to watch SNL this season

Hosted by host Jimmy Fallon and SNL cast member Tina Fey, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” premiered on Friday night with a slew of jokes, riffs and topical commentary.Here are a few of the best moments: Host Jimmy Fallon: You have been a great host and we will miss you, but I will never forgive you for this.[The hosts laugh] You are […]

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Hosts Tonight’s E News Hosts GMA Hosts Web Hosts for Free, Snl host

Hosts tonight’s E news shows will be hosted on snlhosts.com.That means you’ll be able to watch a live program and catch up on all of the news, as well as get your news updates delivered straight to your inbox.The E News hosts that are still available are NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, The Today Show with Savannah Guthrie, The […]

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Hosta Blue Angel: I’m a Real ‘SNL’ Fan, But Not a ‘Saturday Night Live’ Fan

The actress and former SNL cast member hosts the View tonight.She and co-host Matt Lauer both appeared on the show last week.Hosta said that she’s a fan of the show but not a Saturday Night Live fan, which would be odd for her to say given that she was cast in the SNL parody.“I’m a Saturday night movie star, but […]

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