Which Survivor game host has been married to his/her Survivor contestant?

In its first episode of season seven, Survivor: Game Changers was a hit, but a bit of a mess.The game’s second season had an even bigger success story.But if you’re like me, you’ve been wondering: What happens when a married host and a divorced contestant become co-hosts?I caught up with Game Changer host Scott Aukerman to get his take on […]

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How to Host a Newlywed Game Show on New Years Eve: How to Have a Fun, Lively, and Sexy Wedding with an All-Star Host

The hosts of New Years Day game shows are having a great year, and they’re not only taking the show to a whole new level, but they’re also being more inclusive of all genders and orientations.And it’s all thanks to the internet, according to a report from Buzzfeed.As host of a newlywed game show on New Year’s Eve, Cannonball host […]

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