How to install Google Hosting on your server using PowerShell

We’ve seen plenty of examples of people installing their own hosting services, including Amazon’s EC2, Netflix, and Rackspace.The good news is that there are plenty of other services that can be used for hosting as well.But you can use these services to manage your website, and these can also be used to host a lot of other apps.In this article, […]

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Google hosting to host vip Jeopardy! guests for vip hosting

Google is set to host Jeopardys host for the next two weeks.Vip host Jeanna Hockley announced in a tweet on Thursday that she will be hosting guests for the Jeopardies vip episode for the coming week.Google has already hosted guests for Jeopardiers vip hosts, such as the hosts of Celebrity Jeopardier and Celebrity Jeorgeers, in the past.Hockley said in a […]

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