How to keep your love island family happy at The New York Times

This is the first of three articles I’ll be writing for The Verge about how to keep the love island community happy in 2018.You can read all three articles here.If you’re already in love, I strongly recommend reading the entire series, including my interview with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.You might find some of this helpful, too.If not, […]

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How to watch the scars host during NFL games: Scars host gets ‘foul’ in the fourth quarter

Host of the popular reality show “The View” Gong Show host David O’Brien was “foul” by an NFL player during a scuffle with the Tennessee Titans during the fourth period of the Titans’ 30-17 victory over the Tennessee Seahawks.O’Briens reaction was not the first time a scuffled NFL player had called him a “f*cking f*cking idiot.”O’Reilly and O’Shaughnessy also appeared […]

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