Israel bans US-backed media from Jerusalem and calls for boycott

Israel has banned U.S.-backed media outlets from covering Jerusalem and called for a boycott of Fox News.The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday that Fox News Channel, which is broadcast from the U.K. embassy in Tel Aviv, and a number of other U.N.-backed channels will be barred from reporting in the city.It also banned UYAH TV, which broadcasts […]

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How to win a cupcake wars hosting gig

The Cupcake Wars host has been around for nearly three years, and she’s been doing it a bit more recently. According to CupcakeWars, CupcakeWar is hosting the first CupcakeWars cupcake showdown on October 27, 2019 at the Belly Up Lounge in NYC, where you can see all the cupcakes from the competition. “Our first cupcake was from a competition held in March 2018,” […]

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When Fox News hosts are hosted on ‘host in a spanish’ host

FOX NEWS has been the target of a wave of conspiracy theories about the hosts’ spanishness.Fox host Andrea Tantaros was the subject of a series of rumors over the past few months, with many suggesting she was a “host in Spanish” who used a translator to communicate.Tantaro responded to the claims with a tweet that said: I don’t know if […]

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When Will We See the Fox News Hosts?

When will we see the Fox hosts?The question is one that’s been asked for some time now, and one that has been answered by a handful of Fox hosts, including Tucker Carlson and Gretchen Carlson.The Fox hosts have all been on the air together, and in addition to Carlson, they’ve appeared on Fox News’s “Fox & Kelly,” “Special Report with […]

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