How Jeopardy hosts Scott Evans will work with his host to avoid a possible cheating scandal

This is an extract from BBC Sport’s new podcast “Jeopardy Guest Host Scott Evans”.The podcast is being produced by former contestant Matt Johnson, and features Evans, host Matt Ryan, Ryan’s wife, Kelly Clarkson, former US president Jimmy Carter, actor Adam Baldwin, and more.To subscribe to the podcast, click here.

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When email and social networking apps come to Canada, you won’t want to miss out on free hosting

The social media giants Facebook and Twitter announced they are bringing free server software to Canada.The news comes a week after the social media companies launched their own free hosting program, allowing Canadian customers to set up and manage their own online space.The new program, called Social Hosting, offers Canadian customers a free trial and a $15 credit toward their […]

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What’s the point of hosting the voice of the planet?

It’s the voice that makes you want to do anything you do.And it’s also a big deal in terms of making money.A lot of it comes from hosting the voices of the people who call you, and hosting that voice can make a lot of money.We’ve been talking about hosting the planet for decades.How do we make money doing that?That’s […]

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