How to get ‘Lord of the Rings’ to host your own Minecraft server

I’ve seen lots of people say that Minecraft is a good idea for hosting a Minecraft server.I’m not saying that Minecraft servers are the best option for hosting Minecraft games, but they’re the best options for hosting games.So, if you’re looking to host a Minecraft game and you want to have it look awesome on your home computer, this is […]

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How to Host a Newlywed Game Show on New Years Eve: How to Have a Fun, Lively, and Sexy Wedding with an All-Star Host

The hosts of New Years Day game shows are having a great year, and they’re not only taking the show to a whole new level, but they’re also being more inclusive of all genders and orientations.And it’s all thanks to the internet, according to a report from Buzzfeed.As host of a newlywed game show on New Year’s Eve, Cannonball host […]

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Why are people giving up on VPS hosting?

A growing number of people are abandoning the idea of renting virtual servers, with many of the companies offering their own private cloud services.While some of these private cloud providers offer high-quality, enterprise-class virtualization, others offer cheap private cloud offerings.And the trend is not without its detractors.“Many companies that are trying to make the leap to cloud computing, they do […]

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