I am not a fan of this show.

It is boring and I do not want to watch it.

This was a long time ago, and I can not see how they can continue to do the show in this format.

I will not watch Survivor again.

There is no point in trying to change the format or even just re-run it.

If they are not going to do it, I do hope they change it.

The only reason I was not on this season is because I was on The Bachelor.

I have not watched the season that they were running on.

But I have been on season after season of The Bachelor, so I know how things work.

And they have had some great seasons, too.

So if they want to try to keep the format going, that is their right.

I am happy with the show, I love the cast, and if I could get out of this, it would be a great opportunity for other people to do their thing.

If I was to go, I would be the happiest guy alive.

It would be amazing to be on Survivor.

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