In its first episode of season seven, Survivor: Game Changers was a hit, but a bit of a mess.

The game’s second season had an even bigger success story.

But if you’re like me, you’ve been wondering: What happens when a married host and a divorced contestant become co-hosts?

I caught up with Game Changer host Scott Aukerman to get his take on this question, which he’s been grappling with since he started the show in 2009.

I’m also including the podcast he wrote about his experience.

I wanted to ask you about your experience with the Survivor host and his/hers relationship.

I think you had some trouble getting it going on the show.

You were very reluctant to get married, right?

Well, I think if you had been married and had been on Survivor for two years, it would have been easier to get it going.


And I think I’ve come a long way since then.

I was always hesitant to get on the Survivor show because I thought, well, they would be like, Oh, it’s too long.

It’s too much drama.

But they were like, No, it is a great show.

I was thrilled to get a job with them and I was like, Okay, great.

I didn’t really know any better.

But now I have to tell people, I had a hard time getting on because it’s a long show, and I’m married.

I don’t think I have ever really been in a position where I was more confident in my abilities, or in my marriage.

So I think that’s probably been the biggest difference.

The other thing is that I didn

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