It has long been the practice of hosting video games on YouTube.

But now, the world is witnessing a new trend, in which the games can be hosted for free.KST, the Korean entertainment news channel, recently started broadcasting a Minecraft game on its channel, and the channel also published a Minecraft video.

The game, entitled KST-Minecraft, is based on a game called KST:Kart Racer.

According to the game’s description, it “is a classic racing game in which players race a variety of cars in a variety, varied environments, each with unique driving mechanics and physics.

Each game will include a new theme, such as ‘tastic,’ ‘shaky,’ ‘surreal,’ ‘stunning’ and ‘futuristic.'””KST-minecraft is being released by KST in partnership with the renowned game studio Forge World,” KST stated in a press release.

“The game will also feature a large selection of the most popular cars from KST’s catalog.

The trailer features the game engine from Kst’s game ‘Mortal Kombat X,’ as well as the sound effects from Forge World’s ‘Fractal Engine.'”

According to Forge World, the game is scheduled for a release on February 19, 2017, and a release date for a European release is unknown.

The game is free, but a paid version will be available to subscribers of the channel.

The KST Minecraft game is currently being distributed on the channel by Forge World.

Users who purchase the game can use it for any kind of content, including uploading it to YouTube, sharing it on Twitter, and downloading it from the Forge World website.

According a YouTube representative, the channel’s YouTube account has over 100 million subscribers, and is the most watched channel on YouTube in terms of views.KSt stated in its press release that the game will feature a wide variety of music tracks from the KST catalog.

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