The sun is usually at its most brilliant on June 12 and June 15, and the best viewing hours are on the day the sun rises and sets.

The sun sets on June 15 and June 17.

This time of year is known as the “Sunrise.”

However, if you want to watch the sun rise and set during daylight hours, it’s best to do so at your own risk.

So, what’s a city to do?

Here are some tips to make your own Sunrise Viewing Plan: Make sure your home or office has a balcony and a roof.

There are a number of locations that offer the best views of the city from the balcony, and many have indoor pools and swimming pools.

The view from the city is the best in terms of visual clarity.

Make sure you get a clear view of downtown, too.

The city’s skyline can look pretty bleak at times during the summer.

Get an angle on your skyline.

You can see the entire skyline at the same time.

You might see a big, overcast dot on the skyline, but you can also see a dark, cloudy area behind it.

You’ll want to see the city’s most prominent landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canal, and Notre Dame Cathedral.

When looking at the city skyline, look to the south, as that is where the city gets its most sunlight.

Look to the east.

The best view of sunsets will be from the east side of the United States.

If you’re in a city that has a great view of sunrise and sunset, then your view of these times is best.

When watching the sunrise, you want the best view you can get, and make sure you look to either side of your property for a better viewing angle.

Make it a point to go out in the afternoon to the beach, or to a beachside park, to get some great sunsets.

You want to get a great sunrise, and you want it as far away from the sun as possible.

Make your view look good.

This is not just a matter of being clear, but also looking good.

When you’re trying to capture the best sunsets you can, it helps to have an amazing view.

If your backyard is covered with grass, you might want to put up a big hedge to help shield you from the hot sun.

You may want to bring a tripod to get the best angle.

When the sun sets, it will give you the best of both worlds.

You will have the best sunlight possible, and there will be some of the brightest sunsets, too, depending on the season.

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