SPANISH Government offers free cloud hosting to help fight cyber attacks in Spain article Spanish government says it will offer free web-hosting and hosting services to help combat cyber attacks that have plagued Spain.

The Spanish Government has said that hosting providers have been forced to shut down due to “hosts being susceptible to malicious activities” which have forced them to turn off their servers.

The announcement came just days after the government said that Spain’s cyber defences have suffered a cyber attack.

Spaniardian government has offered free cloud services to fight cyberattacks.

The Government has set up a taskforce to identify solutions and support for vulnerable web-servers.

The taskforce is also developing an internet security strategy for the country.

Spanish media reports said that the new service will allow for users to choose their own hosting provider, with free hosting for up to three years and then offering a monthly service fee.

This would help with the transition to a new system of services, and help avoid the risk of new services being added to the list of services offered.

The plan also envisages the provision of a free web server for the new system, to allow users to move their existing websites to the new server, without having to buy another machine.

Spain has faced a string of cyber attacks on its networks in recent months.

The government has been urged to act quickly, but has warned that “hosting providers” could be “virtually destroyed” by new malware.

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