The most recent twist in a long-running mystery novel that had all the trappings of a classic, with a mystery cast of characters and a plot that stretched from New York City to the Pacific Ocean.

The series, titled The New York Times bestselling mystery novel, The New Yorker’s popular mystery novel of the year, and the title of the series itself, The Times, is now officially titled The Unsolved Mysteries.

And, it’s got a twist.

The title The Unsolvable Mysteries was never supposed to be a title.

“I was so happy when I heard we had been picked up by NBC,” said author and co-writer John Steinbeck, who was first introduced to the idea for the series in 1986 by his daughter, Alice, who had just turned 20.

“My father is such a hard worker.

We’re all very busy.

And he came up with this wonderful, simple name.

And we thought, ‘Why not?”‘

And it worked.

“We thought, What a great title.

We love mystery novels.

And this was one that just seemed like it would be a good name for a show.

It’s such a great name,” said Steinbeck.

The first issue of The UnSolvable Mysteries is available now in bookstores, at Barnes and Noble and online, and is also available on the Internet, with digital editions.

“The Unsoluble Mysteries is a very dark, dark story,” said Laura Ziskin, creative director at Simon & Schuster.

“It’s a story about the mystery of the unknown.

And the title The New Yorkers is just a little bit of a twist for the show, as well.”

‘The New York Tribune’ headline The NewYorkTribune headline The UnSolved Mysteries’ cover story, “A Mystery in the Family,” by Laura Zisca, begins at 6 p.m.

ET Monday on “The New Yorker.”

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