On Sunday, Yahoo’s blog announced the addition of six new hosts to its Web hosting program.

The blog post announcing the change included a list of hosts who are already on the list, including Jessica Rosenworcel and Sarah Silverman, who both had guest posts on Google’s popular podcast “Today Show.”

According to the post, each host has a specific mission and responsibilities that they have to do on Yahoo, but it’s not clear what their primary role is.

Silverman, for instance, is an assistant editor at Yahoo’s Business section.

Rosenwolff is the author of “Hear My Voice: The Inside Story of the War Against Breast Cancer,” a book about the fight against breast cancer.

The blog post said that they are both “responsible for developing and publishing content related to Yahoo’s businesses and products, which include editorial, news, lifestyle and health coverage.”

Google said in a statement that it “continues to invest heavily in the creation of content, including new content from hosts who contribute to our popular podcast” “It’s important for Yahoo to continue to invest in our hosts to ensure that we deliver the best content possible for Yahoo users.”

This isn’t the first time Yahoo has added hosts to the Google program.

In August, Yahoo added a host to the Web hosting team to help with its online ads.

The company added four more hosts to that team last month.

Earlier this year, Yahoo announced that it was making a $10 million investment to create an affiliate program for its Web content.

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