Hosts of the popular Hollywood squares, such as the Soup Host Inn and the Danish Host Inn, have opened their doors to their guests with a new service called the Soup House.

The service, called Hollywood Squares, has been running for the last six months.

Hollywood Squashes is the host of the Soup host Inn, located at 651 East 4th Street, New York City, New Yorks.

The Soup Host has been serving up soup to guests for the past five years.

“We are so glad to have them here,” said owner of the Hops and Hops Inn, John Stauffer.

Stauffer said, “The Soup Host is the only restaurant in New York that offers soup to our guests.

It’s been so rewarding for us.”

The Soup House hosts its own catering, but Stauffers guests have been invited to cook at the Souphost Inn.

“It is really a great opportunity for us to expand,” said Staufer.

“Our guests are very excited and happy to cook with us.”

Soup Hosts will be offering a free buffet lunch to all guests for dinner on Monday.

The soup house is open Monday-Thursday, 6am-7pm and Friday, noon-2pm.

For more information, visit the

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