I am going to share some tips on how to communicate with friends in the real world and how to make them feel at ease.

Here is a list of tips that I personally use, and some I’ve heard or read that are great as well.

I’m not sure if this is what you want to hear, but it is worth listening to it anyway.

I hope this helps some of you out there.


Ask what they like.

If you can’t find a way to get their attention, ask what they enjoy doing.

This can also help to get a sense of how your friends relate to each other.

For instance, what do they enjoy watching on TV or movies?

How much do they like to go to the gym?

How is their family?

What do they eat for dinner?

Do they watch shows online?

Do you have any friends with different hobbies?


Have fun.

Sometimes, it is hard to communicate without being loud.

Try to make a casual conversation with your friend, and then ask them what they think of it.

This is very important, as you can often get them to open up and get involved.

Make them feel comfortable and happy about what they are saying.


Be open.

Even though you are in the room, be open to getting a response from your friend.

Don’t make them sound like you are telling them what to do.

If they ask you to do something, give them a chance to respond.

Sometimes people get frustrated when they don’t get a response, and you can make this a lot easier by saying something like, “Hey, how’s your day been?

I’m going to hang out with you again tomorrow.”

If your friend asks you what you’d like to talk about, be honest about what you are going to talk on about.

“Hey honey, I just had a really great time at a concert this weekend, and I love how you dressed for it.

I thought I might drop by your apartment to pick up some clothes.

Can I come?”


Don’ t talk about your life.

Talking about your past is also a great way to open people up and make them want to talk.

Ask questions like, What do you like to do?

Do any of your friends do that?

What are you doing in your spare time?

It’s also a good way to make your friends feel comfortable about your own life and what you like.

“Are you in love with your husband?

Are you in a relationship?” or “How many kids do you have?” will often help.


Let them know when you want them to do it.

When you are talking about something, make sure you give them the opportunity to say yes or no.

If it’s not possible, be more specific.

“How often do you want me to go shopping with you?” is a great question to ask, and if your friend is uncomfortable with the idea of not getting into a conversation, say so.

If she asks you to, then say yes.

“What do you do for a living?” or, “Do you work as a freelance photographer?” or something along those lines are a great place to start.

“Do I need a lot of money for my hobbies?” or whatever you want is a good place to ask if it is something you’d be comfortable asking for money for.


Be aware of who your friends are.

Some people get so frustrated when people think they are all “them”.

Be aware that it is not always clear what other people are thinking about you.

If someone you don’t know really wants to hangout with you, it can be hard to keep it in perspective.

Just ask, “Is there something I can do for you?” or simply, “What would you like for lunch?”

This can help to show that you are not a stranger to their interests.


Don ‘ t say, “You have no right to be here”.

People often don’t think twice about what people do or say, and they are not usually wrong.

“Oh, I didn’t know you could hang out in here with me.

I didn ‘t know you were a photographer.” or “Oh no, I don ‘t have any money for that, so how can I help?” will usually make them think twice.

You don ‘ t have to say anything to someone to make it better, but be aware that this can also make it harder to be comfortable around them.

“I don ‘ know how to get you to sign up for a group.” or, or, are just common ways people can make it seem like they are trying to make you uncomfortable.


Take time to say hello.

If your friends seem to be making fun of you, take a moment to say something like “Hi” or “Hey” to them.

This will show them that you want something to do with them.

Be mindful of the conversation you have going on in your head.

If the conversation is about something that has been going on

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