The chase has a new name: the shopping mall chase.

And it’s not just any mall.

It’s the “dynamic mall chase” that has seen dozens of shoppers chase their grocery carts as they try to shop.

Here are some tips for spotting a chase in your neighborhood.

Here’s what to look for in a dynamic mall chase:A mall is usually a place where shoppers are buying items that are close to each other.

But it can also be a place that shoppers are competing for items and is sometimes a shopping mall.

There are also many stores that are selling food, toys, clothing, and other items.

If you see a shopping cart that’s been passed around a lot, it could be a mall.

In most cases, shoppers who are in pursuit of a shopping trip are not the same shoppers who were in pursuit earlier in the day.

In fact, shoppers in pursuit will usually be shopping at different stores.

You can also spot a mall chase in smaller, more crowded areas.

There are malls in all sizes and in all neighborhoods.

The chase can last anywhere from two to six minutes.

If shoppers are moving fast, it can be hard to catch up.

Some shoppers may chase their carts while others may stay focused on their purchases.

If the chase continues, shoppers may try to keep their carts in one place while moving.

You may be able to spot a shopping spree on a busy shopping street, or at a mall that has lots of shoppers in one spot.

The mall chase can also occur in a smaller area.

Some malls have “shopping centers,” which are enclosed shopping areas where shoppers can shop while still being able to move freely.

There’s also a “pop-up” mall, where shoppers may be shopping on a shopping street and can walk around shopping malls.

There’s also the “no-shopping zone” at a shopping center.

These malls are typically more crowded than a typical mall and usually have smaller stores.

If you’re in pursuit, be prepared to be followed.

Be careful not to give chase to a car or someone with a gun.

You can also avoid a chase by making sure you’re wearing a helmet, and wearing your seat belt.

If someone follows you, they may shoot or stun you.

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