My daughter and I decided to put together a list of “fun” things my kids would like to say on their first birthday parties. 

The list included things like “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Fourth.” 

We were also able to find out which kids’ favorite party items are also things we’d like them to say “thank you” for.

Here are a few of the fun things my little ones have said on their last day of school:1. 

Happy Birthday, baby! 

My youngest son loves the little party trick of saying “Happy Father’s Day” as he’s sitting next to me. 

He is now saying it every single day.2. 

You’re such a cute little girl! 

He’s been saying “Proud to be a part of your new school” for a while now. 

When he asks, “Is it for real?”

I’m so excited to get to be home with you!” “


I’m so excited to get to be home with you!” 

He loves to tell me this. 

“Happy Birthday,” he says. 

This is a really sweet way to celebrate the end of the school year. 


My favorite is the one with the big heart! 

This one is a big hit! 

When I ask him, “Can I kiss your little heart?” he replies, “I love you!”


It’s the party of your dreams! 

“Thanks for being here!” he tells me.

This is the moment he and I are both looking forward to the most.


So much fun! 

I’ve been able to keep a smile on my face even after saying the words “Thank you.” 

He likes to say, “Thanks so much for being so nice.” 


Love you, little one! 

In the middle of all the fun and games, he asks if I’m “going to have to kiss your big heart.” 

“Sure, I guess,” I say, smiling as I say that.8. 

What are you waiting for? 

He has always been able, no matter what, to tell when we’re done saying the word, “Happy” and then quickly and easily say “Thank You” with a small smile on his face.9. 

And I’m so proud of you. 

There’s a lot of pride in this moment! 

After the “Thank-You” exchange, he goes, “So, where do you want to be on your next birthday?” 

“In my own little world,” I tell him. 


Do you remember when you were younger? 

My daughter is just 6 and we all were still playing with her. 

One day, we’re walking outside and there’s a girl sitting on the grass with her backpack and she starts yelling at the kids to “take her backpack!” 

“That’s my backpack!” they all scream back at her. 

 “What’s wrong?”

I ask, but she’s just staring at me and she’s got her backpack on. 

She looks like she just got off the bus. 

We all look over at her and it’s like, “Oh my god, that’s my mom!” 


How’s your school year going? 

This girl wants to say thank you for taking the time to talk to me and to get me to share what I’m working on with my teacher. 


Aww, I can’t say thank-you. 

But I can say, thanks for being there. 


Oh, you’ve got me so happy! 

As my oldest daughter and we sit down to dinner, I tell her I’m thrilled to be with her again. 


That was fun. 

As I was saying this to my younger daughter, she’s still smiling and laughing, but her eyes are fixed on me.

I’m not sure if she’s laughing at me because I’m laughing, or because she’s smiling, but it’s all a big, happy happy happy laugh.15. 

Goodbye, old friend. 

After my youngest daughter’s birthday party, my wife asks, “How are you doing?” 

I tell her that I’m doing really well. 


All this joy and fun!

 As our oldest daughter was walking down the aisle with her boyfriend, she says, “We are going to do the ‘Happy Birthday’ dance!” 

I was really proud of her for saying that. 


Now, we can celebrate! 

The kids are laughing, singing and singing “Happy Anniversary” all in one big group. 


Thank you for making it this far. 

To all the parents out there who are happy, loving and supportive, thank you! 

Happy birthday

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